Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Recap: Housewarming Party

Good Monday Morning! Who was able to spend a gorgeous Mother's Day Sunday with their mom's? I wasn't able to go home to see my mom, but I hope her hanging flower basket is blooming! I had a great weekend.

My housewarming party was great. I had a good group of eight girls. I'm not sure anymore would have fit in my living room! I did a really bad job of taking photos. We had plenty of wine and appetizers. Nicole went through her Mary Kay presentation, and showed us how to get dolled up. We did our Mani's and pedi's. A big thank you to Tiffany who brought all of her pedicure tools and fun nail polish. Who knew there was glow in the dark polish? I may have to ask Taryn or Christa to send me a photo so I can post it on here! :)

The next craft I want to make: DIY Coasters like the ones at Kim's Blog. I tried to make a set out of pine squares from Michael's and scrapbook paper but I guess I should have stained the wood because mine have warped and they just look bad now.

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  1. The coasters were so easy and turned out so cute! You will love them.