Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Color Palettes

So as you know I love Pinterest and I continue to see color palette photos pop up. I'm not exactly sure what I would use them for, maybe to design a room whenever I get a place but as for now they are pretty to look at. It is a great way to visually see how colors go together that you wouldn't have thought of before. It makes me think of that HGTV show: Get Color, by Jane Lockhart. She uses the homeowners passion as inspiration for the objects in her color wheel to help them visualize how each color they choose will work in the room. She will explain various options that would work to compliment the first color they chose.

Here's an example of using food to represent each color on the wheel.

Ok so back to the color palettes found on pinterest:

(This website has a lot of great color palette samples!)

(Apparently people like this Design Seeds website. I love these colors!)

Ok my goodness there are so many gorgeous images, and the majority are coming from the website Design Seeds. I think I love them all. Definitely go to that website if you need inspiration! So are you inspired? Do you have a room/object you have been thinking about painting?


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  1. I love this post so much! I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to color palettes! I see some here that I'm definitely going to have to add:)